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Intellectual property

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Paper chemicals supporting equipment



Online synthetic fungicide equipment patent certificate


Drying stripper spraying equipment

The dryer stripper developed by the company is a similar product of Japan Mindak. Thoroughly solve the problem of sticking in the papermaking, keep the system clean, and the paper has no oil spots. It can achieve good peeling, lubrication and brightness enhancement. It can reduce paper breakage, hair loss and powder drop. Self-emulsifying type, low viscosity, no clogging of nozzles, no delamination, no agglomeration. The cost performance is better than imported products.



The deodorant developed by the company is a liquid plant deodorant. It is made up of various plant extracts and can effectively decompose harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. The liquid plant deodorant also has the function of masking and decomposing odor molecules, and can spray and absorb the odor molecules in the air, or directly spray the surface or add to the water to eliminate the odor molecules in the material.


Sticker control agent

The adhesive control agent developed by the company is a cationic organic compound that can passivate and disperse stickies, resins and other contaminants produced in pulping and papermaking systems. The potential hazard of the deposition of stickies free of recycled mechanical pulp, semi-chemical pulp and chemical pulp is reduced. The principle of action is to disperse the stickies into fine particles, so that the tiny particles of the stickies lose their viscosity and then adhere to the fibers. Reduces or eliminates the deposition of stickies on paper machine parts and clothing, reducing downtime and improving product quality.
1. Liquid products are easy to handle and suitable for different pastes. 2. Efficient control of stickies, making the system cleaner, reducing paper dust and improving paper quality. 3. Reduce the number of cleanings, reduce paper breaks, extend the life of the carpet, and improve production efficiency. 4. Increase the retention rate, reduce the white water concentration, and increase the pulp yield.


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